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Advanz Design is the Miva specialist for all of your development needs! Our philosophy is to bring the best in quality and value to our customers. We provide fast, friendly, and personalized customer service without relying on excessive overhead and resources of larger competitors.

We specialize in Miva Technology to bring fully dynamic and interactive internet environments to life. This includes storefront construction/integration, Miva Merchant modules/add-ons, storefront upgrades, emergency recovery support, consultation, and more.

Need help with building or improving your Miva storefront? Please call or email for a free initial consultation. We are committed to your development needs and offer complete satisfaction.

Shop with confidence at Advanz Design. We continually strive to provide the best quality at the best possible value. Compared to some other module vendors, module updates for the same version of Miva Merchant are available free of charge. Why pay more? Find a better price on a comparable retail product and we'll match or beat the price. Please contact us for more details or inquiries.

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Enjoy big savings with our bulk software sale. Receive a 10% discount on $150 to $249 of retail software. Save even more with a 20% discount on $250 or more of retail software. Offer excludes development and consultation/support services and other non-storefront products/services.

UPS Address Validation v5 - New
Streamline order shipment by integrating UPS address validation into the checkout process effectively reducing shipment errors related to invalid or mistyped shipping addresses.

Agreement Page v5 - Updated (for Miva Merchant 5)
Display a customizable, interactive agreement page during checkout. Added full compatibility and support for the CSSUI

Export Orders to Flat File with CC Simple Validation - Updated (for Miva Merchant 5)
Export orders to a flat file with credit card payment with simple validation data. Added compatibility for PR7 (Wombat) with additional fields: address 2 and ship method

Price/Country Based Free Shipping - Updated (for Miva Merchant 5)
Offer your storefront customers free shipping based on their basket contents/subtotal, "Ship To" country/state, or associated price group. Added new "require products" option

Block IP's v5 - New - Miva Merchant 5 version
Block unwanted IP addresses from your Miva Merchant 5 storefront.

Volume Price by Category - Updated
Provide volume price discounts for products grouped by category. Now includes option to subtract flat/fixed discount from unit price.

Calculate Shipping v5 - New - Miva Merchant 5 version
Allow your customers to calculate the shipping costs before entering checkout. Compatible with CBS Shipping SuperMod 5

Sort Products by Category - New/Updated - Miva Merchant 5 version
A quick and easy way to sort your storefront products by category without importing/exporting or other external applications. Now includes a Category Navigation feature, Quantity Sold sort order, and separate Sort Multiple Categories interface

Product Screenshots v5 - Updated
Add unlimited multiple and/or larger product images to your product detail pages with complete flexibility and customizable display control. Now includes data export feature

Product Screenshots - Updated
Add unlimited multiple and/or larger product images to your product detail pages with complete flexibility and customizable display control. Now includes data export feature

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