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Agreement Page v5

Product Code: AGREE5
Doc Updated: April 2007
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This module inserts an Agreement Page into the checkout process. In the agreement page the customer is prompted with the option to agree to the terms displayed in order to continue with checkout or not agree with where they can be routed to a different page/URL.

Full compatibility and integration with the SMT feature of Miva Merchant 5 for this module allows flexibility in the display format and layout of the agreement page. The available Items and Entities associated with this module can be referenced in the Items & Entities section below.

  • Enable Module - Turns the module on/off.
  • Page Title - Enter the page title for the Agreemnt Page.
  • Disable Automatic Redirection to Agreement Page - Select this option if you wish to manually control the redirection or routing to the Agreement Page in the storefront. For example, you may have a custom created storefront page that you wish to continue onto the Agreeement Page. Leave this option unchecked to provide automatic redirection to the Agreement Page that should be compatible in most typical situations.
  • Disagree Redirection - Enter the desired URL to display when the "disagree" button is clicked. If this field is left blank, the storefront home/welcome page is displayed by default. Select the "post method" option to provide compability with URL's that may contain additional parameters.
  • Exclude/Include Only Products - This field allows you to input a list of products to specifically exclude or include the display of the Agreement Page. Enter a list of product codes separated by comma to control the display of the agreement page. Select the "exclude" option to disable the display of the Agreement Page for select products or select the "include only" option to enable the display of the Agreement Page for only the products specified. The wildcard character * is supported to filter groups of products, i.e. shoes* includes all product codes that begin with the set of characters "shoes".
  • Display Agreement Page - This option specifies the location of where the Agreement Page is displayed. Select the predefined options of before the ship/pay checkout page or before the payment info checkout page. Alternatively, you can specify a desired page by selecting the "before other" option and then enter the screen code for the page under consideration.
  • Agreement Content - Enter the terms & conditions context for the Agreement Page. HTML may be used for customizing the format and layout of this content.
  • Agree Button - Select a text or image button type and enter the desired text/image for the "agree" button.
  • Disagree Button - Select a text or image button type and enter the desired text/image for the "disagree" button.
The display of the Agreement Page adheres to the SMT feature and consists of Items & Entities. This allows for flexible customization of the format and layout of the Agreement Page that comprises of module components, such as the Agreement Content and the Agree/Disagree buttons. Complete details about working with items and entities and the SMT feature can be referenced in the Miva Merchant 5 online help documenation.

The Page configuration for this module can be found by clicking the "Jump to Agreement Page Configuration" link found at the bottom of the module configuration of the system extension configuration. The available Items and Entities associated with this module are listed below.

  • <mvt:item name="agreement" param="content" /> - Displays the Agreement Content.
  • <mvt:item name="agreement" param="agree_btn" /> - Displays the "agree" button.
  • <mvt:item name="agreement" param="disagree_btn" /> - Displays the "disagree" button.
  • &mvt:agreement:title; - Displays the Agreement Page Title.
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