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Block IP's v5

Product Code: BLOCKIP5
Doc Updated: November 2009
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Block unwanted storefront visitors based on their IP address by redirecting them to a message/announcement page. Redirection message is configurable with SMT template/tokens compatibility. Single IP address, range of IP addresses (via * wildcard), and comments are configurable with this module.

Tracking/logging IP address of storefront visitors can easily be done through one of the included/built-in logging modules, such as e-Urchin Log or Miva Merchant Access Log.

  • Enable - Turns the module on/off.
  • Redirection Message - Message displayed to unwanted to storefront visitors.
Click "List IP's" menu link to display list of IP addresses configured with module. This interface displays column data for the IP address active status, IP address value/range, and comments. Click on the "ADD" link to add a new IP address entry. Click on the "EDIT HERE" image link to edit the IP address entry. Select the "remove" checkboxes and click the "update" button to delete any IP address entries as desired.
  • Active - Uncheck to temporarily disable an IP address.
  • IP Address - Enter IP address to block or use the * wildcard at the end of an IP address value to specify a range of IP addresses. For example, "125.*" will block all IP addresses that begin with "125.".
  • Comments - Enter any comments associated with the IP address(es).
The display of redirection message adhere to the SMT feature and consists of Items & Entities. This allows for flexible customization of the format and layout content on this page. Complete details about working with items and entities and the SMT feature can be referenced in the Miva Merchant 5 online help documentation.

The Block IP Page configuration can be found by clicking the "Jump to Block IP Page Configuration" link found at the bottom of the main settings of the module configuration of the system extension configuration. The available Items and Entities associated with this module are listed below.

  • <mvt:item name="blockip" param="content" /> - Displays the content as configured in the Redirection Message field.
  • &mvt:blockip:ip; - Displays the visitor's IP Address. IP addresses can also be captured with one of the included/built-in logging modules, such as e-Urchin Log or Miva Merchant Access Log.
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