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Calculate Shipping v5

Product Code: CALCSHIP5
Doc Updated: September 2010
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This module allows customers to calculate the shipping costs of their order before entering checkout. By default, the estimated shipping costs are displayed in the basket page, but can be displayed on any desired storefront page by relocating the associated SMT item defined below.

Full compatibility and integration with the SMT feature of Miva Merchant 5 for this module allows flexibility in the display format and layout of the estimated shipping costs.

  • Enable - Turns the module on/off.
  • Display Input Fields - Displays the form that contain input fields for zip code and country that's required to calculate shipping costs. If your activated shipping modules/methods are not based on any customer info, such as shipping based on weight, price, etc then this option can be disabled. If your shipping methods/modules are based on customer info, such as zip code and/or country, then this option needs to be enabled for customers to input the required info to properly calculate shipping costs. These input fields will be pre-filled if the customer is logged into their account.
  • Sort Shipping Methods - Select desired display order for the estimated shipping costs sorted by shipping method code, name, or price (ascending or descending order).
  • Calculate Shipping Template - This field allows you to adjust and customize the display format of the estimated shipping costs (and input form, if enabled) as desired. The SMT item that references this template is automatically assigned to the basket page template upon the module installation/activation to display the estimated shipping costs below the basket contents. The associated items & entites are listed below:

    • <mvt:item name="calcship" /> - Displays the Calculate Shipping template content.
    • <mvt:item name="calcship" param="shipstate" /> - Displays the states drop down list.
    • <mvt:item name="calcship" param="shipcountry" /> - Displays the country drop down list.
    • <mvt:item name="calcship" param="calc_btn" /> - Displays the "calculate shipping" button.
    • calcship:shipmethods - List of available shipping methods with estimated shipping costs that's invoked by an array. Please see the default template content for an example of the array syntax and available displayable entities (i.e. name, formatted price).

  • Calculate Shipping Button - Specify your own desired image or text for the "calculate shipping" button for the input form required to display the estimated shipping costs.
When the module is intially installed and activated, the SMT item to display the estimated shipping costs is automatically created and assigned to display under the basket contents in the basket page template as indicated by a new template version labled "CALCSHIP: Insert Calculate Shipping". If the estimated shipping costs do not display in the basket page you will need to manually review and execute the steps outlined below in the "Pages" configuration for the "BASK: Basket Contents" page in your admin.
  • Create Item - Inside the "Items" interface, add a new item by clicking on the "Add Item" button. Enter "calcship" into the Code field and "CALCSHIP5" into the Module field when prompted and click the Update button.
  • Assign Item - Inside the "Items" interface, find the newly created item and assign it by checking the "assigned" box and click the Update button.
  • Add Item Reference to Page - Inside the "page" interface for the template field, you can add the item reference to display the new buttons under the basket contents by following the steps outlined below.

    Inside the "Template" field find a snippet of code that resembles the following:

    Then replace it with the following code snippet:

When uninstalling the module, the process above should automatically be reversed, which removes the item reference from the basket page template (as inidicated by a new template version labeled "CALCSHIP: Remove Calculate Shipping"), unassigns the item, and deletes the item. If this process didn't complete, you can manually reverse the steps displayed above with the steps outlined below.
  • Remove Item Reference from Page - Recall any previous version saved for this template or follow the steps outlined below.

    Inside the "Template" field find a snippet of code that resembles the following:

    Then replace it with the following code snippet:

  • Unassign and Delete Item - Inside the "Items" interface, find the item associated with the module labeled "calcship" and uncheck the "assigned" box and click the Update button. Next, click the "edit" link associated with the item and then click the Delete button.
1) A fatal error message displays when an item is removed from the basket. How can I fix this problem?

Under certain unique circumstances when only remote shipping modules are installed (i.e. UPS, FedEx, etc) in a storefront and the basket is empty, the storefront inteprets this as a zero weight condition which causes no shipping data to be returned causing a fatal error condition.

There are a couple of options to remedy this problem. You can install an offline non-weight based shipping module (i.e. built-in flat rate, price table, etc). This will provide a "fall back" shipping method in the event the remote shipping modules are not available to display. The second consideration is to disable the "require shipping" option in the storefront settings, which will also allow customers to complete the checkout process in the event that no shipping methods are available, such as when the UPS, FexEx, etc servers are temporarily down or offline.

2) I have a shipping module that is based on state (i.e. DHL) or other required input field. How can I configure this module to be compatible with my shipping module?

You can adjust the input fields as desired in the Calculate Shipping template field to accomodate most any shipping module. For example, if your shipping module requires a shipping state you can insert the state item (listed above) into the module template field.

However, if your scenario doesn't require a zip code, you can insert a hidden zip code field with a pseudo value in place of the zip code input field, such as the following:

<input type="hidden" name="ShipZip" value="000">

3) I have a shipping module that requires a city input field. How can I configure this module to be compatible with my shipping module?

If you're using the default template, you insert an additional table row that contains a city input field into the calculate shipping template, such as with the following code:

If you experience any issues regarding compatibility with a specific shipping module, please let us know so that we can provide the assistance necessary to accomodate your shipping module.

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