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Product Code: DISCPRCGRP
Doc Updated: March 2007
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This module provides a discount or upcharge based on a variety of configurable options at time of checkout. The discount is calculated and appears in the payment info checkout page underneath the subtotal.
  • Enable Module - Turns the module on/off.
  • Discount Description - Text description for the discount that appears besides the discount amount at checkout. Available token includes the discount amount.
  • Discount Amount of Basket Total - The discount amount based on the basket subtotal. Select the % checkbox for a percentage discount amount. Enter a negative amount to apply an upcharge rather than a discount.
  • Exclude Products - This field allows you to input a list of products to specifically exclude or include from receiving a discount. Select "Exclude" in the drop-down to exclude specific products from a discount. Any listed products will prevent the discount from displaying. Vice versa, select "Include Only" in the drop-down to include only specific products for a discount. Any listed products must be placed in the basket in order to receive a discount. List the desired product codes delimited with a comma, such as prod_code1,prod_code2,etc. Groups of products can be filtered with the * wildcard character, i.e. prod* filters all products that begin with prod. Please note that this setting may affect the basket subtotal calculation for a percentage discount amount.
    Minimum Basket Total - Enter the minimum basket subtotal amount required to apply a discount.
  • Minimum Number of Items in Basket - Enter the minimum number of basket items required to apply a discount.
  • Required Shipping Option for Discount - Select a particular shipping option required to apply a discount. Otherwise, select the "any" option to allow any shipping option for a discount.
  • Required Payment Option for Discount - Select a particular payment option required to apply a discount. Otherwise, select the "any" option to allow any payment option for a discount.
  • Customer Must Belong to a Price Group - Check this box to require the customer to belong to any price group for a discount. Please note that the customer must be logged in before checkout in order for Miva Merchant to determine their price group status.
  • Discount Amount is Tax Exempt - Check this box for the discount amount to be exempt or excluded from the tax calculation.
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