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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install a module?

If you are new to installing modules you may want to read this overview from Miva Merchant Corp. Typically, installing a module is just a matter of installing it in your mall (modules > add module), and then enabling it in your store. Import/Export modules don't require the second step. Some modules may require additional steps, so please be sure to follow the installation instructions included with your module.

How can I re-download my module file?

You can download a previously purchased module at any time by visiting our Module Upgrades section of our website via a free module update. Enter the info about the module under consideration where prompted, select the corresponding module update, and then complete checkout to generate a new download link.

I've installed a module in my store admin and there's no effect in the storefront.

If you've enabled a module that requires OUI in the store admin and see no changes in the storefront, then you may not have OpenUI/OUI properly installed for your store. For more info about OUI please reference the FAQ below about OUI.

What is MMUI/OUI?

MMUI is the default layout of your Miva Merchant 4 storefront. This setting can be found under the Layout tab of your storefront settings found in your storefront admin.

OUI is an alternate layout or UI (user interface) for Miva Merchant 4 that looks and feels the same as the MMUI, but allows for OUI compatible modules to hook into the UI to provide quick and easy customization for your storefront. For further info about OpenUI/OUI please visit

Some of our modules work with either UI and others may require OUI. Please reference the OUI requirement within the product details page. Typically, admin utilities, import/export, shipping, and payment modules work independently of the UI of your storefront. For Miva Merchant 5 storefronts, the OUI is no longer available or required due to the new template/token based UI is already integrated into the Miva Merchant.

How can I update/upgrade my module?

Modules can be updated to the latest available version for the same Miva Merchant platform without charge. When upgrading modules to the next platform of Miva Merchant, i.e. going from Miva Merchant 4 to Miva Merchant 5.5, the module upgrade is available at the current retail price. However, the module upgrade is free if upgrading a module within 10 days. Visit our Module Upgrades area to check for the latest available updates/upgrades for your module.

What do the various license types mean for your modules?

A single store license entitles you to run the module on a single store, within a single domain (mall) installation of Miva Merchant. If there are other stores within the same mall, you cannot use the same license and must purchase additional licenses as needed. Modules do not need to be installed in all stores within a mall, only those that wish to use the module.

A single domain license is valid for any store within a single domain (mall). The module may be installed on an unlimited number of stores within that mall, but the license cannot be used for any other domains or malls.

The various license types are displayed on the product details screen below the purchase price.

There are some modules that are only available for Merchant 4.x in your store. How can I get modules for my 2.x/3.x store?

Please contact us with details of your needs, such as which module(s) and version(s) you require. We strongly encourage all users to keep their stores up to date with the latest versions of Miva Merchant to take advantage of bug fixes, feature additions, and to ensure continued support. However, we will accomodate the needs of customers unable to upgrade by special request. Pricing for legacy versions of modules when they become available will be the same as our 4.x modules.

Some modules say they require the Miva Engine v3.9 or higher. How can I tell what version of the engine my host provider is using?

When you first login to the Merchant admin look at the top left of the right frame. It should list the version of Merchant and the version of the Miva engine installed. Most host providers are using 3.93 or higher. However, if your host provider is using an older version, it would be a good idea for them to upgrade. Older versions are slower and have known security issues. The newer engine is compatible with older versions of Miva Merchant.

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