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Goto Basket/Continue Shopping v5

Product Code: GOTOBASK5
Doc Updated: July 2008
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The module's Goto Basket feature routes shoppers to the basket page as items are added to their basket from an "add to basket" button or link within a storefront page. The Continue Shopping Feature allows customers to quickly return to their last shopping page, which can be a storefront page or an external/static page that adds a product to the basket page. The last shopping page will continue to be "memorized" as basket contents are updated/changed from the basket page. New buttons are available for display in the basket page: Empy Basket (empty basket in one click), Continue Shopping (return to last shopping page), and Checkout (proceed to checkout) for quick and convenient shopping navigation.

Full compatibility and integration with the SMT feature of Miva Merchant 5 for this module allows flexibility in the display format and layout of the new buttons for the basket page. The available Items/Entities associated with this module can be referenced in the Buttons Template field of the Basket Page Buttons section below.

  • Enable - Turns the module on/off.
  • Reset Continue Shopping Feature - Purge/refresh all continue shopping data to maintain optimum performance.
  • Goto Basket Screens - Enter a list of screen codes separated by comma to include in the Goto Basket feature. For example, entering "PROD,CTGY,SRCH,PLST" will direct shoppers to the basket page when adding items from the Product, Category, Search, or Product List pages respectively.
  • Continue Shopping Screens - Enter a list of screen codes separated by comma to include in the Continue Shopping feature. For example, entering "PROD,CTGY,SRCH,PLST" will return shoppers to the Product, Category, Search, or Product List pages respectively when the "continue shopping" button is clicked. To return shoppers to the shopping page before the product page, you can exclude the product page by removing "PROD" from this list.
  • Exclude External Pages from Continue Shopping - Enter a list of external/static page URL's to exclude from the Continue Shopping Feature. An external/static page that adds an item to the basket page will be saved to the continue shopping button unless its URL is entered into this field.
  • Default Continue Shopping Page - Enter a URL for the default continue shopping page when there may not be an available page memorized for the Continue Shopping button. This allows customers to return to a specified neutral page rather than a non-existent area of the store.
  • Buttons Template - Input your desired HTML/text template to display the new buttons in the basket page. The SMT item associated with this template is automatically assigned to the basket page template upon the module installation/activation to display the new buttons below the basket contents by default. The related items for this template is displayed below.

    • <mvt:item name="gotobask" param="emptybask_btn" /> - Displays the "empty basket" button.
    • <mvt:item name="gotobask" param="contshop_btn" /> - Displays the "continue shopping" button.
    • <mvt:item name="gotobask" param="checkout_btn" /> - Displays the "checkout" button.
    • <mvt:item name="gotobask" param="buttons" /> - Displays the new buttons associated with the "buttons template" field.

  • Checkout/Continue Shopping/Empty Basket Text/Image - Specify your own desired image or text for the basket page buttons.
When the module is intially installed and activated, the SMT item to display the new buttons is automatically created, assigned, and added to the basket page template as indicated by a new template version labled "GOTOBASK: Add Buttons". If the new buttons do not display in the basket page you will need to manually review and execute the steps outlined below in the "Pages" configuration for the "BASK: Basket Contents" page in your admin.
  • Create Item - Inside the "Items" interface, add a new item by clicking on the "Add Item" button. Enter "gotobask" into the Code field and "GOTOBASK5" into the Module field when prompted and click the Update button.
  • Assign Item - Inside the "Items" interface, find the newly created item and assign it by checking the "assigned" box and click the Update button.
  • Add Item Reference to Page - Inside the "page" interface for the template field, you can add the item reference to display the new buttons under the basket contents by following the steps outlined below.

    Inside the "Template" field find a snippet of code that resembles the following. Please note that the appearance of the code below may vary from its actual representation due to "word wrapping":

    <mvt:item name="basket" />

    Then replace it with the following code snippet:

    <mvt:item name="basket" />
    <mvt:item name="gotobask" param="buttons" />

When uninstalling the module, the process above should automatically be reversed, which removes the item reference from the basket page template (as inidicated by a new template version labeled "GOTOBASK: Remove Buttons"), unassigns the item, and deletes the item. If this process didn't complete, you can manually reverse the steps displayed above with the steps outlined below.
  • Remove Item Reference to Page - Recall any previous version saved for this template or manually remove the item reference <mvt:item name="gotobask" param="buttons" /> from inside the template field.
  • Unassign and Delete Item - Inside the "Items" interface, find the item associated with the module labeled "gotobask" and uncheck the "assigned" box and click the Update button. Next, click the "edit" link associated with the item and then click the Delete button.
If the SEO short links feature is enabled and the continue shopping feature is working incorrectly, try configuring a unique prefix in the Prefix field in the Short Link Settings in order for the shortened URL to be properly recognized as a Miva Merchant URL.
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