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UPS Address Validation v5
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Latest Module Versions: 5.08
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Version 5.x
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Streamline order shipment by integrating UPS address validation into the checkout process effectively reducing shipment errors related to invalid or mistyped shipping addresses. After a customer completes the customer info page and clicks next, their shipping address is validated by UPS online. If an exact match is found then the next checkout page seamlessly displays. If suggested addresses are found then the customer has the option to select one of the suggested addresses, update the filled-in shipping address and re-validate, or simply continue with checkout with their filled-in address if they're certain that their filled-in shipping address is correct.

The module configuration includes UPS account administration, maximum number of suggested addresses to display, suggested address list template that's fully SMT compatible for complete customizeability of the content's format/layout. A UPS server test feature is also included for UPS address validation diagnostics within the admin.

1) This module requires an active UPS account and "Production Access" level activated for full utilization of the UPS Address Validation API feature. To obtain UPS Production Access for this feature, the UPS account owner/administrator will need to create a new access key and then request Production Access by providing XML content for a valid address validation request approved by UPS.

Complete instructions are included in the module documentation, but developer installation/setup is strongly recommended if lacking familiarity in working with UPS account API features and XML, which includes provided basic module installation into the admin with default module settings and Production Access level activation as mentioned above.

2) Display of the UPS brand mark is required to be displayed where the UPS address validation feature is in use required by UPS API usage guidelines and the terms and conditions of the module, such as the display of the suggested addresses on the customer info checkout page. Please view screenshots/slideshow for an example.

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Module Settings
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UPS Server Test
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Customer Info Checkout Page


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